Walking, Day Four: Capuchos Circuit 12.5 km

Obstruction in path

Obstruction in path

In spite of many downed trees across our paths, today was my favorite walk.  No wind to speak of, just a refreshing breeze at appropriate times, and the temperature was moderate, plus our destination turned out to be very interesting.

Most of the walk was through wooded areas.  There must have been a fairly substantial storm in the recent past if the many downed trees are any indication.  We found ourselves having to squat down and frog walk under many or when we couldn’t get under, fling ourselves over.  Once again, we accompanied by fluffy clouds of butterflies along several stretches.

Our destination was a Franciscan monestary, the Convento os Capuchos.  The place was carved out of and built into the rocky hillside and was occupied from the 16th to the mid 19th century.  There were only eight monks there at any given time and life was austere to say the least.  The cells, which are tiny and entered through doors sized to accomodate hobbits, are lined with cork, from the cork oaks that comprise much of the forest.

Of note:  On our way back from the convent, Michael’s keen eyes and amazing powers of observation resulted in him finding a ten euro note on the edge of our path . . . in the middle of nowhere.  Our ability to find change anywhere is truly remarkable.

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