Walking, Day Five: Algocageme to Sintra 10.5 km

VV, Michael, Judy and Heather

VV, Michael, Judy and Heather

As mentioned in an earlier blog, the kilometers traveled do not tell the whole story.  Our walk from Colina Flora to Sintra was only 10.5 km.  Seemed like a nice break from the longer days.  Unfortunately, when we arose in the morning, it was to very warm temperatures along with a certain amount of humidity.  Yoiks!!  After a final breakfast of delicious granola, fruit, yogurt and assorted Portuguese pastries and a quick group photo session, we were off.

Double yoiks!!  We were dripping before we were out of the village boundaries (wherever they might be).  It was a good walking day re. paths but it involved, once again, constant ups and downs with the added aggravation of the heat (80 plus degrees) and the humidity.

The 10.5 km also didn’t include the detour to Monserrate, a delightful confection of a country home set in the midst of beautiful gardens, which we explored extensively after having a bite to eat at the Monserrate cafe.  Up and down the paths went, down the sun beat, down the sweat flowed.  The last kilometer or two to Sintra was along the main, but very narrow, road and it was not particularly happy walking.

Needless to say, we were very relieved to see the Lawrence’s sign as we turned a corner towards the old town and realized that our walking was done for the day. Our rooms are suites and Michael’s and mine has the accurately descriptive name of Bela Vista.  Reviving hot showers and cold beers soon restored our high spirits and prepared us for a delicious Sunday dinner in a little place just around the corner.

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