We began our walking tour on June 2, although the actual walking didn’t begin until June 3.  On Tuesday, we made our way by train to Cascais (be sure to turn those eses into “sh” sounds) where we easily found our very lovely hotel, Pergola House.

The first hint that a self-guided walking holiday might be more of a challenge than I realized was when we were deciding where to go for dinner.  The walking notes provided by the company who arranged our walk, Inntravel, told us that to get to two recommended restaurants  we would need to go right out of the hotel grounds and, at the end of the street, go clockwise to the second exit on the round about.  In translating that, Michael said that we would go right at the end of the street.  Hmmm.  Seems to me that clockwise would mean turning left but he insisted that clockwise would be either direction.  Anyone care to weigh in on this?  Thank god we had referees!  Both the restaurants to which we were directed were closed on a Tuesday night, so it was a bunch of noise about nothing anyway.  Still, makes one stop and think.

Cascais is very much like seaside holiday towns the world over.  Lovely homes that no one I know could afford, beautiful beaches with lots of sunburned people populating them, wonderful seafood restaurants, and shops selling picture frames with shells glued on them.  But they are Portuguese shells, so all is forgiven.

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