Bye-Bye to Lisbon for Now

Custard tarts warm from the oven

Custard tarts warm from the oven

Proper tart bakery in Belem

Proper tart bakery in Belem

I haven’t been able to connect for a day or two and, so, I will leave my series on Lisbon impressions for a bit later.  This will allow me to write about our walking experiences while they are fresh. However, I can’t leave the greater Lisbon area without one final note regarding what has become one of my favorite Lisbon delights . . . yes, you guessed it, custard tarts.

After Heather and Judy arrived from England on the 31st, we did various cultured things (more on those later) but our final excursion was to the neighborhood of Belem, which is well known as the location of the monumental monument (is that redundant) to the explorers, created in the mid 20th century, and of the Belem Tower, created way, way back when . . . the last thing the explorers saw when they left Portugal on their journeys and the first sight that greeted them upon their return if they were fortunate enough to return.  BUT, enough about that.  The main reason to return to Belem is the Pastels de Belem or custard tarts.

The four of us spent a delightful break in the midst of our explorations of Belem at the home of the custard tart.  We bought eight for the four of us; it should have been twelve.  I am not too depressed, however, there are more custard tarts on the menu when we return to Lisbon after our seven days of walking.

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