Buster’s Brief Tale

Buster hitches a ride

Buster hitches a ride

After arriving in Lisbon, Andre Segovia and I were left in the apartment to fend for ourselves while Virginia and Michael gallivanted around the city.  I didn’t know what I might have done to deserve such treatment but you can believe that I was mightily pleased when she popped us into her day pack for the first day of walking.  From my position at the top of the pack I had a splendid view . . . albeit in a backwards sort of way . . . of the countryside as it passed by.  Since I wasn’t having to walk the walk myself, I didn’t think it would behoove me to complain about the seating arrangements.  It was grand to breathe fresh air and see the sights.  Then we arrived at the converted convent that was to be our home for the next two nights.

OY!!!  Knowing that fish was on the menu for dinner (and you know how much bears like fish), with my trusty companion Andre, I attempted the journey to the dining room.  What a mistake.  The stairs!!  Using Andre as a type of grappling hook, I would fling him to the next step, he would try to secure his little piggy paws into some nook or cranny while I tried to hoist my slightly over-filled body up the face of the stair using our tether for assistance.  The task proved beyond our abilities.  We bounced back down the couple of stairs we had labored over, went back to the room and rooted around in Virginia’s day pack for crumbs.  Exhausted by our exertions, Andre and I will pass on tomorrow’s hike.

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