Upcoming Events


Not that I’m vain, but all cocktails had to coordinate with my clothing.

Because I only blog when I travel, my site can go dormant for very long periods of time.  And, because I wasn’t inspired to blog on my last trips (both times to Puerto Vallarta), this last period of dormancy has been particularly long.  But I am about to emerge from my prolonged creative hibernation and begin blogging once again.

The first hurdle I have to overcome in realizing this goal  to reacquaint myself with WordPress, the platform I use to do my blogging.  They have made so many changes since I last visited my webpage that it is like starting all over.  However, since my next trip doesn’t begin until June, I think I should have time to become proficient enough to make it work.  Meanwhile, I am still alive (as are Buster and Andre Segovia) and we are all looking forward to airing out our suitcases and sharing our next adventures with you.

I leave you with a photo of my sister and me at the beginning of a zip lining outing while we were in Puerto Vallarta in February.  Happy travels and I hope to see you all soon.

Looking stunning in our head gear.

Looking stunning in our head gear. Nothing flatters like a bandana and helmet.

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4 Responses to Upcoming Events

  1. Claire christensen says:

    Looking forward to more bloggable memories with my cousins.
    Love, Claire

  2. Joan says:

    Well welcome back! Though of course the return of the blog means the eventual departure of the blogger (bloggess?) so that’s not necessarily welcome news to Salemites (except, of course, insofar as we are unselfish rejoicers in the journeys of friends.)

  3. Connie Haydon says:

    Hi, looking forward to your adventures! Thanks for including us. Bob and Connie

  4. susan fuchs says:

    Welcome back…….Can’t wait to follow you around! xox one of these days, I too will get my mojo back and up-date the Fuchs’ story, which, isn’t all that exciting! I know that comes as a surprise to you.. 🙂

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