Quality Time With The Queen


Thursday, October 31, 2013

When one flies on October 31st, one might expect to encounter the occasional witch, ghost or goblin.  But The Queen?  I don’t think so.

In spite of our obscenely early arrival at the Toulouse airport for our 8:10 departure to Heathrow, Michael’s keen powers of observaton were on full alert as we were dropping our bags at the British Air bag drop counter.  In the line almost directly behind us, looking fresh and lovely was The Queen.  Who knew that she had to undergo the same indignities as us mere mortals?

But there she was, seemingly dogging our heels:

First, at the bag drop.

Then, right behind us at security where she was patted down!!  No flipping joke!

Then, in the upper classes lounge (well, I guess you can’t get any more upper class than The Queen).

And, finally, at the departure gate.

I was beginning to get annoyed.  I mean, I know I’m a Vanderbilt but I’m entitled to my privacy, too, right?

I am happy to report that she refrained from taking any photos of me and, in the exercise of polite reciprocity, I did the same.  And for that reason, I have no photographic evidence of the fact that Helen Mirren and I shared some quality, albeit distant, time together this morning flying from France to England.

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One Response to Quality Time With The Queen

  1. Claire christensen says:

    Would you believe this addition to your post? As we were gathering our luggage at baggage claim at Heathrow, there she was again, pulling off all her own bags. WHERE WERE HER PEOPLE??
    Had Dave been a little faster he could have helped her. Michael surely would have been on it!
    Thanks for your sharp eyes.
    Claire and Dave

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