Cathar Conquest Continues

Queribus, awaiting our assault.

Queribus, awaiting our assault.

Monday, October 28.

As long as there remains a Cathar castle that we have not visited, we will continue our assault on all things Cathar.  Today, our target was Queribus, which is located about 80 kilometers to the south and west of us.  Only 80 kilometers but almost two hours of driving . . . distances are different here.

Clear blue skies but not too much warmth was perfect for our purposes*.  We found Queribus with little trouble and were able to drive to within a short distance of the castle.  Unfortunately, the distance to the castle is measured in vertical feet rather than horizontal and the climb looked daunting.

We were up to the task, however, and as the attached gallery shows, we had no difficulty in storming the place and triumphing over all obstacles.  Even our vertigo challenged fellow-in-arms, Michael, was able to overcome his disability for the good of the team.

*When we packed for this trip (our whole trip not this particular day’s trip), we didn’t know what to expect in either England or France during the month of October but we have been pleasantly surprised with the good (read “rain free”) weather we have encountered.

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