Dave, Claire, Michael, Virg, Steve and Linda at Lastours.

Dave, Claire, Michael, Virg, Linda and Steve at Lastours.

Friday, October 25

Zee bells are still off and our flurry last night was a pitiful 29 chimes.  Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time on the terrace, enjoying new friends and marveling at the fact that although the day was overcast it was still pleasantly mild and completely dry.  A plan for today was devised before too much vin was imbibed and we were on the road to Lastours by midmorning.

Very windy and fairly steep hike up to the ruins under typically, for this trip, very grey skies.  But as has also been typical for this trip, very mild temperatures and no rain.  As we began our hike, we met a group of folks, one of whom took the photo above, which gives an idea of the steepness of the hike . . . much of which was up runs of stairs of varying degrees of steepness and crumbliness.  I was very proud of Michael who, one again, overcame his vertigo to climb up to all of the castles.

Of the four castles, the one farthest away, Cabaret, is the oldest, and was once in a completely different location before being destroyed and then rebuilt some time later at its present location.

It was a good hike and I would recommend it to anyone interested in such things.  We had packed a picnic and, after our hike, drove to the belvedere on an adjacent mountain to eat, drink and marvel over what we had mastered.

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