Bad News, Good News

The boys shopping in Narbonne.

The boys shopping in Narbonne.

Wednesday, October 23

The bad news is that I woke up with another minor headache; the good news is that since my only excess yesterday was an excess of moderation, I can go back to excesses of other things without fear of ill effects.

Claire’s goal for the day was to find duvet covers for the twin beds in the bedroom that Michael and I are using.  The poor condition of the covers was mentioned in the house journal and Claire has decided that this will be her contribution to the house for this trip. We went to Narbonne thinking the likelihood of finding such items would be higher there.

Our first stop in Narbonne was the covered market where we ogled all of the gorgeous food offerings.  The displays are like pieces of art; the prices are like those for pieces of fine art, which in a way the food stuffs are.  As I have mentioned in previous posts over the years, it seems as if Europeans place a high value on high quality food.  They are willing to spend more money to get little portions of excellent products.  This is such a contrast to the sense I have of most Americans, which is that they value quantity over quality.

No luck for duvet covers at the covered market but we were directed to a Carrefour “super store” on the outskirts of the city.  There, we struck it rich.  It was like going to a Fred Meyer’s store; it had everything we needed and then some.  Claire found the covers she coveted and we felt that the day had been well spent.

Back at the house, duvets slipped into new covers and onto the beds, the room looked fabulous.  Then, Michael sat on his bed and a leg fell off . . .  that would be one of the bed’s legs not one of Michael’s.  So much the beautification project!!  A stack of books got Michael back on the level for the night . . . but no rumpy pumpy in our immediate future!

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