Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Tuesday, October 22

Woke up with a headache.  Too much of the “bio” rosè?  Too much dark chocolate too late at night?  Perhaps the excitement of winning at Mexican Train last night?  Will moderate my behavior on all fronts today to see what happens.

I chose the itinerary today and decided that we should head over to Limoux, a bit south of Carcassonne, which is the place where sparkling wine was first created by some bumbling Benedictine monk in 1531.  Two other factors that played into my decision were the possibility of visiting a hat museum in a little village a bit farther south and the prospect of going to a museum of automatons in Limoux.

Limoux is a lovely village with a beautiful main square surrounded on all sides by arcaded buildings.  After enjoying lunch at a café on the square,* we set off in search of the robot museum.  But, when we found it, we found it closed in spite of all the literature telling us that it would be open.  The large poster outside made the place look kind of spooky anyway . . . and there was a barking dog outside . . . but no banjos playing.

We also managed to find the much touted Cave du Sieur d’Arques to sample the Blanquette de Limoux.  I did sample a few drops in the interest of quality control.  .  It was bubbly and yummy.  We walked away with four bottles.

Decided against the hat museum and made it home at a reasonable time to discover that zee clock eez now on but zee bells are now off.

Pre-dinner on the terrace, dinner and Mexican train had me drinking but two small glasses of wine.  No chocolate and I lost, badly, at Mexican Train.  I will see what tomorrow will bring.

*No wine for me as I was practicing moderation.

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