Buster in England

Sunday, October 20.

I was beginning to think She had forgotten about us until I noticed that She included my surfing photo in Her last post.  Let it be known that Andre Segovia and I have been an active part of this holiday and we would like to share a few of our observations.

Observation one:  We enjoy flying business class just as much as She does.  A sip of a fancy coffee or a splash of champagne is every bit as welcome to a bear and a pig as it is to our human travelling companions.  Waiting in the calm surroundings of the business class lounge is as calming to ursine and porcine nerves as to those of humans.  So, a big “thank You” to Michael with his quick-draw credit card.

Observation two:  She sure took Her sweet time unearthing us from Her purse.  I don’t think we saw the light of day for at least the first four in Sussex.  But, just as we were contemplating how long it would take us to chew our way out using our soft, cuddly muzzels, the zipper zipped, the velcro screeched, and there She was, with a halo of light surrounding Her head.  Salvation!!  Back in the world of the living.

Observation three:  Based on our garden in Salem, I didn’t realize how interesting gardens could be.  We particularly enjoyed Trebah Gardens in Cornwall with the very primitive feel of the bamboozle and the gunnera.  We even found a hallowed out branched stump that made a perfect playground.

Observation four:  She always orders wonderful food and drink, which She is very generous in sharing.  YUM!!  (Hokey-Pokey turns out to be caramel ice cream with honeycomb toffee bits mixed in; Mystery Malt is malty and mysterious.)

Observation five:  Let’s get exploring the Languedoc!!

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