As We Were Going to St. Ives

Across the bay at St. Ives.

Across the bay at St. Ives.

Sunday, October 13

We met no man with seven wives and thus were saved the bother of all sorts of mathematical computations involving multiples of seven only to find out that the answer should have been, in our case, two.  But it is fun to visit places that trigger such memories.  We didn’t spend much time in St. Ives as we were planning to head farther west that same afternoon but we did take the time to wander a small part of the center and along the waterfront.  And, we did pop into one of the many pasty shops to buy a large steak pasty to take home for dinner.

As the photo shows, the day was overcast while we were in St. Ives but it cleared off and was very nice for our drive west to Zennor and Gurnards’ Head, which is the part of Cornwall where Michael and I spent a week with our friend, Joan, in 1994.  We have many pleasant memories of this rather wild part of the country and almost as many pleasant memories of the meals we ate at the pub at Gurnard’s Head.  Revisiting was required.

Unfortunately, we arrived at the pub between the lunch and dinner services but it didn’t really matter.  The pub seems unchanged and sipping a “half” of the local ale and mentally reliving our relative youth was nourishment enough for these two geezers.  One may not be able to go home again but we found that was not true of Gurnard’s Head.

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