Miracles and Angels


Oh, this photo  says so much to those in the know!!!

Michael and I were scheduled to leave on our journey from Seattle on Tuesday, October 1st.  While putting our last few things in our suitcases on Monday evening, Michael discovered that he had no Ambien.  For the past 15 years, at least, having a supply of prescription anti-anxiety pills and sleeping pills has been the only thing that gets him to the airport in semi-decent shape.  So, this discovery so late in our preparations was quite upsetting.

Bright and early Tuesday morning, Michael called our doctor’s office but the doctor was not in that day.  A bit later, he headed over to the office to see if one of the other physicians could give him a prescription.  Alas and alack, his last prescription was written too long ago for that to happen.  Our doctor’s nurse offered to call the doc at home to have him fax over a prescription;  Michael didn’t want to  disrupt the doc’s day and declined the offer.

He was all nerves when he arrived back home but after exploring other avenues for obtaining the desired medication, which came to naught, he decided he could tough it out . . . and his palms immediately began to sweat.  And then, the first miracle of the day occurred.  The phone rang and down the line came the voice of the nurse saying that she had called the doc and that the desired drugs were awaiting pickup at our local pharmacy.  Cue angels singing on high.

We left for Seattle plenty early and arrived at the airport ten minutes before the British Airway check-in and bag drop counters opened.  We were first in the bag drop line when a lovely lady indicated we could approach.  After she checked our identification and our boarding passes, I hopefully asked if there were any upgrades available.  And then, the second miracle of the day occurred. The answer was “yes, to business class” for an amount that would feed a family of four for a year.  I turned to Michael to see if he thought upgrading was a good idea at that rate but I discovered that he had already pushed his credit card over the counter to the woman who appeared to have suddenly sprouted great feathery wings.

Cosseted first in BA’s business class lounge (Terraces) at the airport and then in our individual cubbies on the plane, the bottle of Ambien was forgotten in the depths of Michael’s carry on bag.

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One Response to Miracles and Angels

  1. Joan says:

    You deserve cosseting and you can afford cosseting! Hey, life is good.

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