Sense of Humor, Part II

On our first day, we saw monkeys.  I didn’t hear what kind of monkeys but I overheard our guide say “minkeys.”  Well, I know that there are minke whales (minke, pronounced min-key . . . kind of); so, I thought, how interesting that there should be a species of monkey with such a similar name.  If I had kept that thought to myself, I would have been safe but that would have been inconceivable given my natural proclivity to share.

“Did you say those are Minkey monkeys?”  I asked in all innocence. It is a tribute to the professionalism of our guide that he didn’t burst into laughter (I think later in the trip he would have, but he didn’t know me that first day).  He patiently explained, as if to a slow child, that, no, they weren’t minkey monkeys but, rather, that minkey was monkey as filtered through Peter Sellers in “The Pink Panther.”

I present for your enjoyment a few photos of minkeys:  There are the Black-Faced Vervet Minkey, aka —— (I’ll let you figure that out), the Sykes/Blue Minkey and the Black & White Colobus Minkey.  I’ll even throw in a shot of an Olive Baboon.

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One Response to Sense of Humor, Part II

  1. Great Minkey pictures!

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