Taste, Part II

How could I have failed to mention the unbelievable array of juices to which we have been treated on this trip?  It must be proof of the fact that there has been just too much to keep it in any sort of order.  I rather expect that little things will continue to pop into my mind over the next months and years.  Isn’t that a delightful prospect?

So, juice.  No, it isn’t just orange anymore or tomato or apple, although, we saw plenty of such mundane offerings.  The choices that tickled my fancy were things like carrot-orange, cucumber, watermelon, guava, passion fruit, mango and some gingery concoction at our Ndutu camp.  There were others that were delicious but I was never able to identify them.

When we arrived at a new lodge, we were always greeted with a warm (or cool, as appropriate), damp cloth to wipe away the dusty traces of the road from our faces and with a glass of some wonderful juice to refresh our palates.  I’m going to begin putting this idea on suggestion cards in all the hotels I stay at in the states.  It is just so damned civilized!!

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