Sight, Part I: More Misadventures in Myopia

Sight is going to be the largest category and I am going to have to break it into many posts.  This will be the first and it is sort of a matter on telling on myself before anyone else can.

On one of our many lunch box stops on this trip, there was a washroom for our use.  Yes, this is also another plumber’s daughter story.  It was an unassuming little building with a couple of doors and with a nice young man standing outside with a bucket of water and a bar of soap.

I walked through one of the doors and was confronted with a Turkish toilet; a porcelain floor plate with the footprints and hole in the middle.  Hey, I’m a sophisticated traveler so I am undaunted.  When the door blew open, I just stretched out my hand and with the tips of my fingers I was able to keep it almost shut.  Still, no problem.  Then I notice on the wall a little white metal box with what I thought said “TP here.”  Still, no problem.  Many of the Central Asia countries I traveled in had plumbing systems that couldn’t handle paper products.  I dutifully put my used tissue into the box.

As I was leaving, another member of our party was entering.  I told her I would hold the door closed.  She had never seen such a toilet facility.  “Which way do I face?’ she asked.  I told her it didn’t matter but that she should be sure to put the TP in the box in the wall.   A startled voice emerged from behind the door, “you mean the tip box!?”

Sure enough, what appeared to my deficient eyes as “TP” was really “TiP.”  My god, I made certain Michael put a nice big tip in the other tip box.

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One Response to Sight, Part I: More Misadventures in Myopia

  1. Joan Robinson says:

    I am so jealous! I want to se all those birds and cats and hippos and elephants and plains and trees and all that other stuff that appears in National Geographic! And I would even do a squat toilet to see it! (though I do hope I could tell the difference between a tip “jar” and a TP canister! Even though in the places I have been that did not want TP in the T, there was no tip jar that I remember.)

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