Shopping Mysteries

First ;  I have bought postage stamps three times during the past week.  None of the transactions took place at a post office.  The first place charged me Euro 1.5 per stamp . . . a lot, I know but not outrageous, I thought at the time.  The second place, in the red light district, charged me Euro 1.25 . . . odd, I thought and just hoped that the cards to which they became affixed would arrive.  The third place, a bookstore in the station, charged me Euro .95.  When I commented to the clerk about the variety of prices he told me that .95 was the official rate and that the other places must be tacking on a convenience charge.  Oh, well, at least my worries about cards not getting to their destinations due to insufficient postage have been put to rest.

Second:  On our first grocery shopping trip, I bought a pourable vanilla yogurt in a milk type carton.  It was delicious mixed with our meusli.  Two days ago, I ran into a shop and grabbed what I thought was the same carton.  Turns out it is vanilla pudding; it is even more delicious mixed with our meusli.  Think I’ll go have some right now.

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