A Plumber’s Daughter, Part II


So, as I told you in yesterday’s post, we spent the day at the windmill place.  After we had done with the sightseeing part of the trip, we went to a pancake restaurant (the Dutch are very big on pancakes) for some refreshment.  After a lovely apple and cinnamon sugar pancake, I decided to visit the ladies’ before heading back to the train.

I walked in the direction I was told and came to a door with a sign prominently displayed that said “Our restrooms are for our customers only,”  Of course, I walked right in . . . and almost stumbled over a row of urinals.  Hmmmm, thinks I. Hmmmm, indeed.  Well, not wanting to be provincial and thinking that this must be some unisex toilet, I walked to the one cubical in the room and tried the door.  It was locked.  Thank god.

I then rethought my lack of reaction to the urinals and decided I should go back out and look more closely at the door.  Sure enough, there was an outline of a little man.  Oops!  All I can say is that the locked cubical probably saved me some embarrassment.  If it hadn’t been locked, I would have used it and probably would have encountered a line of urinating men when I exited.


Don’t use the blow dry function until after you have flushed.  Enough said?

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One Response to A Plumber’s Daughter, Part II

  1. susan fuchs says:

    Apparently, you’ve had and continue to have “bathroom issues”! Can’t wait for the African Experience!!!!

    Thx for the P.S. extra tip on the Japanese Flush!

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