ATTENTION: Not For Children

Today was a hang out around the apartment and rest day.  Neither Michael nor I slept pretty much at all Thursday night and Wednesday’s sleep was fitful at best, so, we decided that after all of the excitement of yesterday we wouldn’t plan on “doing” anything today.  This turns out to be one of the tremendous advantages of staying in a place for eight days; one feels that one has the time to not “do” anything.  And, then, although I slept like the proverbial log last night, Michael did not.  Our decision was, therefore, reinforced.

In spite of our best efforts, however, even laundry, lazing, and loafing lost their appeal and by 2:30 we were back on the streets.  We went to the weekly organic market at Nieumarkt where we bought a loaf of walnut bread (toast in the morning!) and a sausage roll (imagine yummy sausage inside an envelope of flaky dough).  We are currently reading books by Janwillem van de Wetering; they are mysteries (or maybe police procedurals) set in Amsterdam.  The main characters are always getting “broodjes” to eat and, now, we know what they are.

But I didn’t begin this post to talk about sausage rolls . . . well, maybe I did but not in the culinary sense.  As mentioned in a previous post, we are located very near the red light district.  Our meander today took us through much of it and what a treat it was!!  Windows full of boobies, didlos, weed, and women.  Although I was tempted at the Condomerie to go in and purchase a condom with Homer Simpson’s head on the top of it . . . or maybe the one that looked like a Christmas tree (the perfect stocking stuffer), I took a pass.  Some of the items had me almost standing on my head to try and figure out how they worked; I think Michael was a trifle embarrassed.  Still and all, it makes me realize how very uptight we Americans can be about such things . . . and, when I say “we Americans,” I actually mean me.

Interestingly, we didn’t begin to see women in the windows until we got to the area right next to the Old Church (Oude Kerk).  Of course, it was only about 3:30 in the afternoon, so, most of the windows were still covered with draperies.  If I ever thought that drafting legislation was an unpleasant way to earn a living, I have had a good rethink.

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One Response to ATTENTION: Not For Children

  1. susan fuchs says:

    I’m stuck at the “Happy Store” ! 🙂

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