A Plumber’s Daughter

I think it was Loretta Lynn who was billed as “the coal miner’s daughter,” which makes me think that I’m not the first woman who has thought of herself in terms of her father’s occupation.  And, although “coal miner’s daughter” might lend itself better to country western songs, “plumber’s daughter” has a resonance all its own and has provided me with an interesting perspective when traveling.  Let’s face it, a doctor’s daughter would hope never to encounter a doctor when traveling, the same can be said about the daughters of, say, lawyers, bail bondsmen, corrections officers  or many other professions.  But, a plumber’s daughter is always going to be confronted with plumbing and its accoutrement and they always prove interesting if not downright fascinating.  Or is it just me (as I have often been told)?

Other people in Amsterdam might focus initially on the canals, or the variety of facades of the buildings, or the fine art, or the pornography (although in Amsterdam I don’t think it counts as pornography), or the marijuana cafes.  I, however, was initially struck by the toilet in our apartment.  It is a Japanese toilet and, for those of you who don’t know, that doesn’t mean a hole in the floor with a couple of footprints embossed in the porcelain around it.  No, you have to go to the high end of technology to get to the Japanese toilet.

When you plop your heinie on this toilet, the first thing you notice is that the seat is warm.  Ahhhhhhhhh.  Then you notice what appears to be a central command station near your right hand.  Then you realize that decisions must be made:  Will the standard dab or blot suffice? Or, should you opt for a wash?  And, would that be the back region of your nether region or the front region?  How about a blow dry?  Is it time to de-odor?  What’s the water situation like?

Having tried just about all possible permutations, I strongly recommend going for the gusto, so to speak, and have it all.  Ahhhhhhhh.  It’s great to be a plumber’s daughter and willing to embrace all that is new in the world of plumbing fixtures.

The Porcelain Throne.

The Porcelain Throne.

Command Central.

Command Central.

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