Amsterdam Arrival

Finally, we are here!  This is the first time we have flown on a carrier other than British Air in many years.  We went with Delta because it had a nonstop flight from Seattle to Amsterdam and those of you who know him, know how much Michael dislikes flying.  Therefore, we keep our ups and downs to a minimum.  We upgraded to “comfort coach,” which gave us 3 or 4 extra inches of legroom and it did make a difference but it sure wasn’t BA business class.

Although it was only 9 hours, the flight was long because neither of us was able to sleep. The upside of the flight was that I have now seen two of the movies that were in the running for best picture academy awards.

We arrived at Schipol Airport a few minutes early at 8 a.m. and the extremely efficient Dutch had us through passport control, baggage pickup and customs and onto the train into Amsterdam by 8:45.  We were wandering the streets by 9:15. It was astonishing.  One little glitch:  I packed my raincoat in my suitcase and wore a fleece vest with 3/4 length sleeves for the flight.  Well, the thingy that “locked” my suitcase closed needed a knife to cut it and, since all such implements were also in the suitcase, I had to stroll the 32 degree streets almost in shirtsleeves.  Thank goodness for my Alaskan unbringing.

We found our apartment building with no problem and were ushered in by the owners both of whom sing for the Netherland’s Opera (they are getting tickets for us for Friday’s opening of a “fun” opera.

I will write a proper post with details after I get a few hours sleep.  Having been up for well past 24 hours, my brain is pretty much like sadly overcooked pasta . . . moosh with no flavor.  I wanted, however, to post these two photos of Buster with some of our welcome gifts.  I have got to find the chocolate shop!


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5 Responses to Amsterdam Arrival

  1. Joan says:

    Wow – lovely looking chocolate! Don’t know where the opera will be, but the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam is supposed to be one of the best (acoustically) concert halls in the world, ((and the RCO one of the best orchestras.) So if the opera puts you in the mood for more music, maybe you can catch the RCO.

  2. Joan says:

    Oh, sorry – “RCO” = Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra”

  3. SUSIE FUCHS says:

    AH Amsterdam ~ I CAN REMEMBER BEING THERE!!!! 🙂

  4. Dave & Claire Christensen says:

    Happy to hear you have arrived. We returned from Mexico late last night and are now in a flurry of to-dos to get us ready to leave Monday. What’s the weather like? Have fun. See you soon. Love, C and D

  5. Heather Mayall says:

    Welcome to Europe, great to have you on the continent! Hope you enjoy the delights of Amsterdam – Van Gogh, genever and smoked eel are my lasting memories!

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