imageAnimal, vegetable, mineral?

Did you ever play this guessing game as a child?  Well, I am in Alaska visiting my mom and I found an object in a “still life” on her dining room table and it had me questioning when a vegetable might become an animal.  When and how might that transformation occur?

My mom is known for occasionally letting her fruit and veg supply exceed her needs, which results in a certain amount of decomposition in crisper drawers and vegetable baskets.  But never before had I seen, nestled on a plate among other fruits and veg, a sweet potato that had not only sprouted but had begun to develop leaves.  This required further investigation, so, I called my sister.

When I told Cathy about the curiously developing spud, she exclaimed, “is it still there?”  Apparently, rumors of this tater have been floating about between my siblings and their offspring for a while.  Cathy’s daughter had reported on it on a visit in December and Cathy was surprised to hear that Bess hadn’t disposed of the tuber at that time.  Then, in a call from my older brother, the potato was once again remarked upon.  But still it sits, seemingly in pride of place, on my mother’s dining room table.

I am evolving a theory that having let the potato develop as far as it has, everyone is afraid to dispose of it for fear of upsetting some cosmic balance.  What I do know is that it is beginning to look strangely at home and that worries me.

Let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to Transformations

  1. Joan Robinson says:

    I think you should let it grow just to see what happens. Maybe if you stick it in water, it will grow the way avocados do.

  2. SUSIE FUCHS says:

    right now it looks like a bird! what i am afraid of, is when it starts to look like “the virgin mary” so, whatever you do…don’t throw it away…try to sell it on EBAY!!!

    Susie Fuchs

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