A is for: Africa, Amsterdam and Alaska

DSCN5043Oh, my gosh!!  According to the timekeeper in the sidebar, we have only one month before we head off to the A’s:  Amsterdam and, then, Africa.  Actually, it is more like six weeks before we head off on February 26 but time is beginning to pass at warp speed.

DSCN5052 Happily, we have been busy-ish and have made some progress on our preparations.  Passports have been sent to the Tanzanian Embassy and have come back with the appropriate visas attached.  We have been steadily getting our immunizations and inoculations and, although we are beginning to feel like that porcupine we saw in Italy, we are almost safe to travel . . . only malaria meds to deal with now.

Tomorrow, we head off to find some clothing that will be appropriate for the Serengeti,  apparently, lots of khaki will be involved.  Now, my family has a long and happy association with khaki since my paternal grandfather, father and uncles were khaki clad for most of their lives;  I, however, having inherited my grandmother’s sallow complexion, don’t do well with khaki.  What a dilemma.

After a day decked out in khaki from head to toe, I know I’m going to feel like the Nathan Lane character in “The Bird Cage.” Remember the scene:  He’s all buttoned up in a three piece suit, looking as much like a straight guy as he can when he crosses his legs to reveal bright pink socks and says, “one does want a bit of color.”  I’m going to have to find a way to surreptitiously incorporate some color into my daily wardrobe.  Perhaps a bright hanky or two, sunglasses with bright pink frames, something, anything, to make me feel more like myself.  If the GoLite store doesn’t have what is required in the way of accessories, we will have to cast our shopping nets a bit wider.  I hate to say it but a visit to Cabela’s might be in my future!!

Meanwhile, we have purchased new, smaller electronic devices to take with us and have acquired the two, count them, two, plug adaptors that we might need to actually be able to use our electronics.  One of my new purchases is an iPad with Retina display.  I was attempting to write this post on it but I had the unfortunate experience of having the keyboard freeze up on me often (hence the category of “frustration”).  Hmmmm, obviously a bug.  I wonder if any of the repellant we have been advised to acquire would kill it?  It is clear to me that I will have to practice on the iPad before we head off.

As excited as we are beginning to be about Africa, we are also going to have a week in Amsterdam before we head off to Tanzania.  My theory is that if I’m going to spend a small fortune on a safari experience, I want to be able to experience every second of it sans jet lag.  For that reason, we are going to hang out in Amsterdam seeing what there is to see and getting our internal clocks reset.  I haven’t been to Amsterdam since 1971; I imagine things have changed somewhat.  The good news is that I remember nothing about my previous trips, so, I don’t have to worry about reality not meeting expectations.

And, speaking of memory issues, on Tuesday, I head off to another “A” destination:  Alaska.   I’m going to spend a long weekend with my mom in Fairbanks and try to help her organize things in her apartment.  Fairbanks in January might not be the best choice of destination but we do what we have to do.  And, right now, what I have to do is to finish this post and try to figure out what was happening with the iPad.

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One Response to A is for: Africa, Amsterdam and Alaska

  1. Ajay Kaul says:

    Actually you dont need to carry khakhi for the Serengeti – light clothing any color will do. You just need to avoid blue (for the tsetse flies) and anything dark. Hope that helps – the safari experience is simply amazing. Dont forget a good zoom lens!

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