Perugia Redux

Last Wednesday, we asked Dave and Claire if they would like to make the trek into Perugia (it’s only about an hour and a half away, so, it’s not really a trek).  They agreed, and we were off.

Francesco, Sauro, Michele, Virginia

It turns out that, in some situations, you CAN go home again because this visit was every bit as delightful as our first return trip ten days before and, in many ways, just as much fun as our four month stay in Perugia five years ago . . . albeit in a different and more concentrated way.

We began our day with a visit to Francesco and his butcher shop.  Once again, we were greeted with enthusiasm and had a good opportunity to chat.  We bought wonderful pork and took new photos before saying “arrivederci” and heading up into the old town.

Michele, Virginia, Chiara and arrogoste

On our way up via Priori, we popped into our pasticceria where they had arrogosta even though it wasn’t Sunday and our former barrista made us our “caffè latte con molto caffè” just as in the old days.  We all thought that the fact that the arrogostas are now available on days other than Sunday was a change for the better.  After savoring our mid-morning treats, we stumbled back out onto Prioi, chests dusted with powdered sugar and big smiles plastered on our faces.

Virginia, Davide, Michele and gelato

Continuing our walk down culinary memory lane, we made stops at the Perugina shop to admire and buy the chocolatey offerings, the porchetta wagon to buy and share one porchetta panino (it was good but would have been even better with a cold beer), the pizza by the slice joint where, surprisingly, there was no line but the pizza was just as good as ever, and, finally, down the hill to our favorite gelateria, Augusta Perusia near the Universita Per Stranieri, where we had four of the largest small cups of gelato we have ever seen.

It was a fabulous, if calorie laden, trip.  And, we really want to thank Dave and Claire for their willingness to share food memories of our time in Perugia.

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One Response to Perugia Redux

  1. susan fuchs says:

    Food memories with friends >>>>>>>> way to go! Keep enjoying!

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