Fly Fishing and Vino

I had a wonderful uncle who was an avid fly fisherman.  He tied his own flies and was extremely generous in sharing them.  Once, when he and my aunt visited my family in Alaska, I noticed that some of his flies were so tiny they seemed unreal.  When I asked him what they were used for, he explained to me that he and some of his fishing buddies had an ongoing contest to see who could catch the biggest fish on the smallest fly.  I guess this is what you have to resort to after decades of angling adventures.

Small trout/not-so-small fly. This catch would not be a contender!

Well, I was reminded of my Uncle Charlie on this trip by his son-in-law, Dave, and Dave’s quest for the best wine at the cheapest price.  Dave made careful notes on each wine he purchased, listing prices and his ratings.  After Dave and Claire left yesterday, I discovered that he had left his precious rating page at the apartment for our use.  I guess you probably don’t find wine of this quality in the United States but I still thought it extremely generous of him to share the results of his hard work.

Empties . . . they gave their all for the cause

I am not completely certain that I understand either my uncle’s contest or Dave’s.  I mean do you only compare the size of a fish caught on, let us say, a #18 fly with other fish caught on a #18? Do you only compare €4 wines with €4 wines? Or, is there some logarithmic function or obscure mathematical formula that allows one to compare a 1.5 pound fish caught on a #18 fly with a .80 pound fish caught on a #24 fly* or a €4 wine rated 5 with a €2 wine rated 3?  These are the sort of mysteries that keep me up at night. I hope they don’t have the same effect on you.

*You see, I do know enough to know that the bigger the number, the smaller the hook!  And with that gem, I have exhausted my knowledge of fly fishing.

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One Response to Fly Fishing and Vino

  1. Heather Mayall says:

    Too much to look forward to… Michael doing Buck the Bunny, Ghirlandaio in all lights and Dave’s wine list. We’re on our way! All love, Heather and Giudi

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