Il Miracolo del Cane

Narni, Friday, September 21

After driving to Rome this morning to drop Claire and Dave at the airport, Michael and I returned to Narni for a couple of hours to get the apartment ready for the housekeeper.  I know, I know, it sounds silly but it had to be done.  But, although we were willing to get the apartment ready for her, we didn’t want to be here when the housekeeper came.  So, we decided on an excursion to Todi.

OMG!!! It was a revelation . . . literally.

“We must stay outside.”

Sign at the door to the church of San Fortunato clearly indicated that dogs, even little dogs, had to be left outside.  Lady in pink, knee high boots with furtive looking guy arrived at steps of church with chihuahua on leash.  Looked at sign.  Looked at chihuahua. Picked up chihuahua and tucked it into a large bag.  Voila!!! The dog was instantly converted into an accessory and in they went.  Truly a miracle.

Sorry for the quality of the photo but the guy wasn’t the only one being furtive.  I had to take the photo with my camera tucked under my scarf.

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One Response to Il Miracolo del Cane

  1. susan fuchs says:

    Very funny! You got him dog-handed!

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