Two Funny Things

Narni, Wednesday, September 19

Narni, view from bedroom terrace

Two funny things about this apartment:

One:  There is a dog that lives in a garden somewhere below our bedroom windows. He barks in the morning and in the evening, not so early as to wake us up or to keep us awake.  If that were the case it wouldn’t be at all funny.  What is funny is that he barks three or four times and then hears the echoes of his barks, which are quite distinct, and then barks at the echoes. It is very, very funny but I think I will categorize this post under “frustration” on his behalf.

Two:  The owner of our apartment, John Michael, had to make a visit on Monday to fix a minor plumbing issue.  It was not a problem for us as it had to do with the stopper in the bathtub and we are showerers.  However, it seemed to me that as the granddaughter, daughter and sister of plumbers and the aunt of a soon-to-be plumber, plumbing should be hardwired into my genes and I should have been able to remedy the situation with one eye closed and one hand tied behind my back.  Alas, I guess seven years of higher education and twenty years as a lawyer have completely corrupted my more useful talents.  Okay, I guess that is something that is only marginally funny and it is about me but the apartment made me think of it.  From my brain to your inbox.


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