Now Appearing in Narni

Narni, Piazza Garibaldi

Saturday was Montisi departure day. Most of the group were heading back to Florence in the two vans that had brought them to Montisi one short week before. Claire and I, however, were picked up by our personal drivers, i.e. Michele and Davide, and then zipped down the A1 to our next accommodation in Narni. Michele and Davide had spent the previous week in Narni and they were quite coy on the drive down about the particulars of our new digs. That was pretty much a dead giveaway that the apartment was great but more on that later. We did hear about their various excursions both in and around Narni.

I can already tell that sending out an advance party is a smart thing to do. The pizza at the mall in Terni is the best . . . especially the tuna, according to Davide. The big supermarket in the Terni mall is the place to go but the two of them had gone there together so many times the checkers were beginning to think they were a couple.*  The gelato at the shop on the main drag of Narni is particularly yummy. The fresh pasta shop in Amelia is wonderful (it was open when they visited and they bought a mountain of ravioli). The fresh pasta shop in Narni is great but it hadn’t been open (it was when we were given our orientation tour and the pasta looks incredible). It was just so darned cute watching and listening to the two of them explain the ins and outs of THEIR apartment and THEIR town and its environs.

Saturday is market day in Narni, which meant that when we arrived we had to park in the paid parking place until the free parking area was free of vendors. After we settled into the apartment, the boys took us over to Terni ostensibly for a pizza lunch and a quick reprovisioning but we suspect that the main reason was to show us to the girls at the pizza place and supermarket.

Our new home in Narni is wonderful. It is spacious, light and airy. The bathrooms are large with plenty of convenient storage. The kitchen is a cook’s kitchen . . . it even has decent knives. Two terraces have different exposures and beautiful views over different parts of the town and the valley and mountains. The apartment has a cozy study with a desk nook, perfect for computing, and a very comfortable living room with television and sofas. There is even a formal dining room, which we are using for wine storage. This is another gem and Narni, based on our short orientation tour, seems to offer a number of things of interest.

Narni, view from apartment

Welcome pasta

In addition to the geographic familiarity that an advance party brings, it also turns out that the members of the advance party develop a certain proprietary interest in parts of the apartment . . . as in “don’t be messin’ in my kitchen,” “you know, we’ve got the washing machine all figured out,” and “you don’t know how to do [whatever], we’ll handle it.” Okey, dokey. The upshot of this was that last night the boys pretty much chased us out of the kitchen and fixed us a delightful dinner . . . remember that mountain of ravioli? Well, it is now just a happy memory. I’m certain we will make more (memories that is) over the next several days.
*”Of course,” Claire said, “if you hadn’t been holding hands they might not have jumped to that conclusion.”

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