Watercolor Reflections

Narni, Sunday, September 16

Buying tableclothes from Mr. Willie Worm

Our last full day of watercoloring was Friday, September 14.  I wish I had progressed to the point of being able to paint watercolor reflections (as suggested in the title of this post) but lacking that skill, I will content myself with reflecting on my week-long watercolor experience.  My main reflection is that I did well.  I have learned a lot and am happy with my progress.  I think that I will continue to explore this medium with classes back home and continued dabbling on my own.

Most of the group trekked over to Deruta on Friday to check out the ceramics but, as noted in a previous post, I have plenty of Deruta ceramics stacked in my cupboards in Salem and thought that sticking around Villa Maddelena and Montisi and practicing my developing skills was a better use of my time.  Boy, isn’t that a long sentence.

When Barbara et al returned from pot shopping, she poked her head into my temporary “studio” and was so delighted with the way my stuff had spread out to cover an entire table top that she took a photo and featured it on her blogspot.

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One Response to Watercolor Reflections

  1. Dana Richter says:

    I am impressed with your art ablility…..but not surprized. Do you know I still have the quilt you gave me 37 years ago? When we get the guest room completed, it will beautify one of the walls.
    By the way, I am also now painting…….the laundry room and the ceiling with, of course, ceiling white. Isn’t that creative? Dana

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