Single Supplement

It’s not that I don’t play well with others; it’s just that I don’t want to sleep with others.  To that end, when I signed up for this watercolor workshop, I asked for, and got, a single supplement.  My room is lovely, a big, old bedstead with a comfortable mattress, a large table that I moved in front of the window for better light, a comfy chair and a nice, en suite bathroom.

Saturday night was great; I slept well, woke early and refreshed, and was ready for the day.  However, Sunday night was another matter.  Apparently, not understanding that single supplement means only one inhabitant per room, some uninvited creature invaded my bed and spent the entire night gnawing on my legs.  When I awoke this morning, my legs looked like the night sky over Tuscany . . . full of brilliant spots!!  Only these were puffy and itchy.  A major yuk moment!!

I didn’t find any bed bugs when I ripped the bed clothes off the bed but, then, I’m blind.  No one else seems to have had this problem but I am trying not to take it as a comment on my personal hygiene.

The gardeners, Ivo and Marta, decided it must be teeny, tiny spiders.  Oh, joy!!  Barbara’s husband, Rick, sprayed my room with some sort of bug spray; the label only references flies and mosquitoes but I am hopeful that the spiders might decide to move on to less poisonous quarters tonight.


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One Response to Single Supplement

  1. Mitzi says:

    At least my little dogs were nowhere in sight so cannot be blamed for bringing fleas to the party.

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