People of Perugia #5

I’m not a snob; one doesn’t have to be a native of Perugia or even live in Perugia to feature in my posts.  As mentioned in my last post, Michael and I went to Perugia yesterday to meet my cousin, Bob, and his wife, Connie.  They are staying in Perugia for a few days and we thought it would be lovely to wander through the town with them.

Roberto, Costanza e Michele a Perugia

Our thoughts turned out to be accurate and it was fun exploring old places with new people.  There is something about being with familiar people in unfamiliar places that adds a certain zest to the experience.  Seems like you see people differently when they are out of their usual settings.  Even their names change to fit the surroundings.

After a good stroll through the centro storico with stops at the Etruscan well, the Universita’ per Stranieri,* our favorite gelateria,** the covered market, the Rocca Paolina, and a funky restaurant for a bite of lunch, we hopped in our car and headed over to Deruta.

There’s always time to look at more dishes.  But, it turns out I must be close to reaching the saturation point because all that I bought was one tiny tazzine.  We did get to watch a fellow throwing pots and his wife painting them, which was interesting.  Not much action in the center of town although some sort of festival is coming soon and grandstands had been erected in anticipation.

We dropped Roberto and Costanza back in Perugia around 5 pm and journeyed back to our home-from-home.  The weather had cleared up during the day and it was quite warm and lovely when we drove back up the hill to podere Cunina.  We had a spectacular sunset made even more gorgeous by aperitivi of Aperol and orange.  Thank goodness we remembered to by the Aperol at the Coop when we first got to town!

*The university now has merchandise!!  We just had to buy a t-shirt and mug.

**Small cups all around (well, except for Roberto) and between the four of us we got many flavors.  They were all wonderful.  Best of all, the gelateria still has what it calls “dark,” which is the deepest, richest chocolate imaginable.  With the pistachio it is unbelievably good.

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  1. susan fuchs says:


    Great sunset ~

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