A Spin Around the Neighborhood

It has suddenly changed from a warm, sunny day with people swimming and enjoying the view from the pool into a very windy late afternoon.  Seems like a perfect time to switch from limonata to tea and to catch up on blog entries . . . before shifting to Aperol and antipasti and nothing requiring a clear mind.

We began Monday, September 3, in San Quirico d’Orcia, where it happened to be market day.

The sensible choice; but not ours

In spite of how gorgeous the braids of onions and garlic looked, we passed them by and, instead, gravitated to the torrone and caramelized nut stand.  Nothing like a couple of ounces of warm, crisp caramel coated walnuts to get one’s day off to a good start.  I guess the most that can be said for our snack choices is that we passed on the cotton candy!

After the nut overdose, we were in need of a transformation and, so, we headed to Bagno Vignoni.  We had read that these thermal waters, known to such ancient illuminaries as Lorenzo Il Magnifico Medici and Catherine of Siena, rich in magnesium and calcium sulfates are considered to work cures for disorders of the skin, bones and mucus membranes.  Check, check and check.  The before and after photos contained in the photo gallery will save me thousands of words.  So, enough.

After a lovely lunch in Castiglione d’Orcia, we drove the relatively short way to Abbey of Saint Antimo to ask that our bounteous lunch not undo the good of the healing waters of earlier in the day.  Only time will tell if our prayers have been answered.

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