Podere Cunina

WOW!!  Did we ever fall into the honey pot here.  Not quite literally, although one of the things the farm produces is honey (along with olive oil and saffron), but definitely figuratively.  Even though the weather wasn’t brilliantly bright when we arrived, our first impressions are that this place is gorgeous.

Our hosts, Silvana and Piergiorgio Freddi, were very welcoming and, obviously and justifiably, take great pride in what they have created here.  The podere sits at the end of a long, rough road, up on a hillside with views of Montalcino.  The buildings are new but have been done in very typical style and furnished with antiques and painted with lovely colors.  This is going to be fun.

You can see Podere Cunina by clicking.  Be warned, however, that by visiting the site, you might be forced to begin planning a trip.

My initial photos aren’t nearly as nice as those on the website but here are a few anyway.

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2 Responses to Podere Cunina

  1. Joan says:

    From a rainbow in Yamhill County to a rainbow in Tuscany in less than a week! Pretty amazing. It looks wonderful and yes, I am jealous. Joan

  2. susan fuchs says:

    The photos are very Italian-esque. Very beautiful…it does make me wish I was there with you guys! What’s for dinner? xox

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