Welcome, friends.

Welcome to our new web site.  Unfortunately, Apple decided to stop providing its web service and I have had to find a new place to post my comments and thoughts.  I can only hope that I figure this new site out and can make it reasonably entertaining for those few of you who care to follow our ramblings . . . geographical or otherwise.

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4 Responses to Welcome, friends.

  1. Sandra McGaughey says:

    I love you guys & have missed you sooo much; am headed to cabin for a whopping 2 days in September…can you take a detour? I know; probably not! Love each other, have a great trip, stay safe! Sandy

  2. Sally Johnson says:

    Virginia, it is going to be fun to follow along with your trip to Italy….that is if I can figure out
    how to maneuver through the blog! Have a wonderful trip. Sally Johnson

  3. Dana Richter says:

    Lets see….you go to Italy….Fred went to Germany and I go to Chena Hot Springs for the afternoon. What’s wrong with this picture? Oh well, have a great trip. We will be following along with you on your adventures. Most exciting thing happening for us right now is the remodeling of our guest room.
    We are putting in a new Murphy bed. Arevaderchi Roma (yes, I know I didn’t spell that right but too lazy to look it up!) Love you guys, Dana

  4. Claire and Dave says:

    Off we go,
    Just woke up to our first day in Denmark and we see Davey and Mikey on their trusty horses.
    The Internet is a thing of beauty. We’ll enjoy the ride.
    More later. We’re heading out to the tractor pull!
    Love Claire and Dave

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